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27 November 2019

Found a partner through the site.

27 November 2019

Thank you so much.

26 November 2019

I can report that through a contact made some two and a half years ago, I have now been extremely happily married for the last 14 months to a wonderful man who was matched with me extremely successfully, so thank you very much, I am hugely in your debt!

20 November 2019

Thanks for helping me find someone special.

20 November 2019

Found a lovely guy on this site.

13 November 2019

I found my match. Thank you for your excellent service.

12 November 2019

I have found a very nice lady & we have moved in together. I am recommending your site to my friends. Thankyou.

12 November 2019

I found a very nice man & we have moved in together. I am recommending your site to my friends. Thank you.

6 November 2019

Found my lovely man - it has been a while... But we are both happy. It is what matters! Glad I joined.

3 November 2019

I have been fortunate enough to have found a match on this site. We are very happy to start a new relationship in our lives.

1 November 2019

Thank you. Youíve changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. I have now contacted with a wonderful women. I will recommend your site to fellow users.

1 November 2019

Thank you for your services. Iíve only been a user since September this year and Iíve connected with a wonderful man. I will recommend your website to others if needs be.

24 October 2019

Thankyou. It's been great fun searching.

22 October 2019

I have met an amazing guy who is loving, genuine & kind & honest. So happy we are both on the same page. We are looking forward to the future & spend as much time together as we can . After lots of searching I've found my Mr perfect!!

22 October 2019

Found somone interesting. Excellent dating website.

16 October 2019

I have met someone nice.

7 October 2019

Good site - success!

1 October 2019

I have met the most amazing and lovely guy on your website! From the first time he messaged me I knew he was going to be a great match and I couldn't wait to meet him. When we met, the chemistry was spot on and ever since then we have spent as much time as we can together even though we live an hour's drive away from each other. Who knows where this will lead but we are both really happy we met so thank you!